Reservation and Ticketing

A.1. General Rules for Booking and Ticketing
For reservations to be made on the Site, it is possible to make reservations for a maximum of 7 passengers at a time. In the Site, no children can be booked alone on domestic flights. It is absolutely possible to book with 1 adult.
Depending on the airline and flight / price class, you can make optional reservations on the Site. Each Airline's ticketing option will appear on the screen under your reservation. The follow-up of this option belongs to the User / Member. In order to purchase your optional reservations, you must make a purchase through the system before the option date / time.
The option periods applied for your optional reservations can be changed by Airlines. If the airline transmits this information to the Company, the Company is notified to the e-mail and / or mobile phone number entered in the reservation record. The Company is not responsible for the issue of the ticket within the option period. The User / Member is fully responsible for not issuing the ticket within the specified option period.
It is not possible to change the reservation and track on the Site after the ticket purchase is made on the Site. You can only cancel your optional reservations from the system. If you want to change reservations and tracks, you need to call the Call Center.
Since it is mandatory to present an ID in the purchase of discounted tickets (Disabled, Seafarer, Veteran, Worker, Accompanying, Family) transactions, transactions are made only through the Call Center and no discounted tickets are sold on the Site. Discount rate varies by airline.
The User / Member accepts, declares and undertakes that he will send the necessary documents regarding the passenger discounts applied by the supplier airlines to the Company. The User / Member reserves the right to cancel the discounted tickets that the Company does not have, otherwise, any penalties, indemnities, etc. that may come from the airline and / or other relevant institutions due to the illegal discounted reservation and ticketing without the document. It accepts, declares and undertakes that it will pay the sanction fees to the Company.
The baggage rights determined by the airlines according to domestic or international flights, distant, medium or close distances are essential for reservations made through the Website. If you exceed your baggage allowance to be displayed on the airline tickets purchased through our Site or Call Center, the relevant airline will be entitled to charge a fee per kg and / or piece. Some Airlines music, sports, personal life vehicles, etc. they will charge separate fees when you want to carry the tools with you.
For health reasons, they may require additional or additional fees for additional seats, baby beds or special travel organizations within the airport or in the need for a wheelchair. Please get help from our Call Center for all these needs. Child passengers under the age of 0 to 2 years old; they cannot travel alone. They can travel with the parent / delegate or accompanying cabin crew. In the case of accompanying cabin crew, child fee is applied, OW (One Way) fee is collected by the airline for the cabin clerk.

The day of travel started at the age of 7 but did not celebrate the 12th birthday. Child passengers, who are allowed to travel alone by their parents or legal representatives at the age of 07-11, are provided with an attendant cabin crew upon request. Child discount is applied. Check-in and / or customs procedures etc. The passenger, who is insufficient to assist in matters, is allocated a cabin clerk for the fee, if deemed necessary by the airline. Companion passenger status may vary according to airlines. You can access detailed information on the websites of the relevant airlines. In case of any dispute, the airline rules apply.
A.2. Scheduled Flights
Please pay particular attention to the additional conditions associated with this fee, other than the ticket prices. Some tickets are not eligible for change and / or refund.
Airlines can charge for luggage, airport boarding (Check-in), preferred seat selection, in-flight entertainment & communication systems, wheelchair service, food, beverage and snacks. Such additional services may not be included in the flight ticket, in which case additional charges must be paid directly to the airline. Our company is not responsible for such additional costs that may arise.
Time of stay at the airport before the maximum recommended flight; 120 minutes before international departure and 90 minutes for domestic flights. Some airlines may request the return flight to be confirmed 72 hours in advance. Confirmations not directly notified to the airline by the Client may cause the flight to be canceled.
The flight route determined on the ticket should be used in order. Continuation or return of missed or missed flights can completely override the ticket.
It is a flight defined as a non-stop flight. Indicates that there will be no need to change aircraft during the journey. In some cases, the pause is for fuel purposes, and passengers who fly directly are generally not lowered. However, the User / Member accepts, declares and undertakes that the Company is not responsible for any delays and damages that may arise in case the passengers are dropped or transferred to another aircraft for any reason.
Airlines may refuse to carry female passengers with a pregnancy period of 28 weeks or more on the departure and / or return flight. The customer must confirm this information, if necessary. The baby passenger must be under 2 years old to travel.
In some cases, in order to take advantage of more affordable, affordable, special fares, two one-way tickets are issued to create combinations of different airlines for domestic and international flights. This means that there will be two separate reservation records. (For one outbound flight, the other for return flight) It should be noted that both reservations will have their own rules. When you have to cancel one of these flights, the other is not affected, you do not have to pay additional fees and fines for the remaining flight ticket. It also means that if the outbound flight is not used, the return flight (or vice versa) will not be affected. The change or cancellation of one reservation does not affect the other flight reservation and the rules of the current flight remain valid.
The departure times shown on the Web Site are adjusted according to the official hours of the relevant institutions, and these times and dates can be changed by the Supplier. In this case, if the Supplier notifies the Company, the Company transmits this change information to the mobile phone number and / or e-mail address registered by the User / Member of the relevant reservation during the reservation.

It is assumed that the notifications sent (sms and e-mail) are delivered and received on the date of transmission. The User / Member is responsible for the accuracy of the e-mail address and mobile phone number, which must be notified to the Site and / or Call Center on the reservation record.
The company cannot be held responsible individually and / or jointly with the transportation and accommodation institutions for the failures, accidents, losses and the damages, losses, additional costs and liabilities that may occur in transportation vehicles, travel places and accommodation facilities, regardless of source and reason.
A.3. Cancellation - Return and Change Conditions
Cancellations and refunds for reservations that include domestic and international flights made on our Website must be made by the User / Member through our Call Center during the booking phase or after ticketing.
Airlines operate rules for ticket cancellations depending on flight class and price level. Changes, cancellations and refunds cannot be made on promotional tickets.
In the event that cancellation-return-change transactions are carried out directly on the airline where the ticket was purchased, all flight-related transactions must be followed up on the airline where the change was made and the ticket was purchased. In such a case, the Company and the Site do not have any liability for the e-mail and SMS related to information.
For payments made through the Website, the refunds of the tickets that can be returned are made only to the credit card used in ticket purchases. If the credit card used in the payment has expired or has been canceled
If the cardholder uses another card belonging to the same bank, the cardholder's account is refunded.
If the cardholder has stopped working with the bank, he can apply to our Call Center with an official letter from the bank.
Transaction fee will be charged for cancellation / return and change procedures. In Cancellation / Refund transactions, Service Fee collected during ticketing will not be refunded. In addition, any points the Member earns from the transaction, etc. benefit will be withdrawn.
All reservations made on the Website are automatically controlled by Airlines systems. Only one of the reservations found to be repeated as per the reservation rules will be valid, all your records will be canceled without notice.
A.4. Fees
Each flight reservation you make on the Website consists of net flight amount, taxes and service charge. Airline companies have the right to change the fees applied without notice. Fees are priced according to the daily exchange rate. The Company has the right to reflect the exchange differences that may occur to the User / Member until the payment of the entire fee is completed; The User / Member is also responsible for paying such differences that may arise if requested. Such price increases that may occur until the purchase is made within the reservation option period and new applications to be made in the tax rates by the state, etc. The Company is not responsible for price differences that may occur due to reasons other than the Company.
Before proceeding with the purchase step, you should pay attention to the selection of the Ticket using the Cancel & Refund and / or Non-Refundable feature.
In the cancellation and amendment procedures for the flights that are not promoted and whose flight time is less than 12 hours, the fee rates for the penalty practices determined by each airline are reflected separately.

Translation of these Terms of Use into different languages ​​is purely for help, and the text binding between the parties will always be in Turkish version.
By accepting these Terms of Use, the user hereby declares that he has read and accepted the "Privacy Policy", "Clarification Text on Protection and Processing of Personal Data" and " Cookie Policy".
The Company may change this agreement at its own discretion and unilaterally at any time it deems appropriate on the Site. The changing provisions of this contract will take effect on the date of their announcement, and the remaining provisions will remain in force and will continue to produce terms and results.
The liability of the Company through its services through the Site will be limited to the total reservation amount of the User / Member, as permitted by law.
If any provision of these Terms of Use ceases to be valid or binding, becomes invalid or unenforceable, it will not affect the validity of other provisions.
These Terms of Use are subject to Turkish law, and Istanbul (Bakırköy) Central Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized in disputes that may arise between the parties and in any legal proceedings.
The User / Member hereby accepts and undertakes that he has read, understood, accepts all of these Terms of Use and confirms the accuracy of the information he / she has given.