Privacy Policy respects the privacy and security of its users' information, and as such, does its utmost efforts to take the necessary measures. These Privacy and Security Terms describe the policies and practices regarding the security and privacy of your personal information that you have provided during your purchases with By using, you declare and undertake that you will remain loyal to privacy obligations and practices. is strictly to keep personal information confidential, to consider it an obligation to keep a secret, to ensure and maintain confidentiality, to take all necessary precautions and to take necessary precautions to prevent all or any part of the confidential information from entering the public domain or unauthorized use or disclosure to a third party. is committed to. In addition, you agree to the collection and use of your personal information provided to by ACY Turizm A.Ş., suppliers and / or intermediary institutions as specified in this Privacy and Security Terms.

Privacy Terms will be valid in all sections of the Website.

For the following purposes, we may access or disclose information about you, information about the content of your account and / or communications:

Complying with the law or legal proceedings notified to us,
Investigate or confirm possible violations of the User Terms and Final Sales Agreement, including using this service to participate or assist in illegal activities,
ACY Turizm A.Ş. protect employees, customers or the public's rights, property, or security.
We may resort to technology or other means for the above mentioned purposes. These include, for example, filtering to prevent spam or increase security. These roads may interfere with or disrupt your use of the service.

Name, surname, T.C. It is imperative that you provide a number of personal information that includes, but is not limited to, information such as identification number and address, but may vary depending on the product or service you want.

All information collected by us for the following purposes is stored in a secure environment:

Processing your reservation and sale and managing your account;
Creating connection lists in order to make statistics about your transactions and to maintain our connection with you;
Gathering commercial statistics and analysis on site usage and
Identity verification and registration creation.

Upon completion of the reservation, you agree to receive an e-mail invitation immediately after your stay at the hotel, to fill out the guest evaluation form, without name. By completing the guest evaluation, only to inform the customers about the service (status) and quality of the relevant hotel, the guest rating is uploaded to the relevant hotel information page on our website and other or partially owned or controlled by us or our business partners. you consent to its use on platforms and social media. We retain our right to issue, reject or delete evaluations at our sole discretion. The guest evaluation form should be considered as a questionnaire and does not contain (other commercial) opportunities, invitations or incentives.

We may use your personal information, which can be obtained through the Site, through the Website, to inform you about and other products or services provided by affiliated companies, partners and agencies, or to convey our current products, sales and campaign announcements.

Your personal information is stored by us, your credit card information is not kept in our records and is never shared with third parties.

In order for to provide you with the best service, it is imperative that you provide some personal information, including but not limited to, the name, surname, identity document number, address, which may vary depending on the requested product or service.

This information; It will be used for authentication and registration creation, booking and sales, and some statistics, and will be encrypted during transmission and protected by SSL technology. To benefit from SSL, your browser must support SSL and your SSL option must be activated. Data is protected by strict security and privacy standards that are always essential to us after we receive it. The data you enter is stored by us during your transactions and legal requirements.

We will use your IP address to troubleshoot our servers and to manage our website. Your IP address will be used to collect you, your purchases and to collect your open demographic information. Accessing the data kept by us or changing the information can be done through update pages.

ACY Turizm A.Ş. does not want to receive any confidential or proprietary information from you through its website. Please note that all information or materials other than your personal data sent to ACY Turizm A.Ş. Note that it will be treated as NON-confidential information. By sending any information or materials to ACY Turizm A.Ş., copying, reproducing, publishing, uploading, mailing, transferring, distributing, public displaying, realizing, changing, to ACY Turizm A.Ş. you grant an unlimited and irrevocable license to prepare derivative works and freely use them in any other way. In addition, ACY Turizm A.Ş. any ideas, concepts, know-how or technical information you submit for any purpose ACY Turizm A.Ş. You also agree that you can use it freely.

(a) Unless ACY Turizm A.Ş. obtains permission to use your name, or
(b) Unless ACY Turizm A.Ş. notifies you in advance that the materials or other information you submit to a particular section of this site will be published or otherwise used with your name; or
(c) Unless ACY Turizm A.Ş.'s act in this way is required by law, ACY Turizm A.Ş. will not publish your name or ACY Turizm A.Ş. will not make it public that you have sent material or information. In order to receive products and services, ACY Turizm A.Ş. The identifying personal information you submit will be processed in accordance with this privacy statement.

Non-personally identifiable data (such as IP address, browser type, Internet Service Provider (ISP) and Single Device Number, Operating System and Latitude / Longitude) (Non- PII) collecting, tracking browsing behavior, specific or personalized opportunities and advertisements, and visits to our website (s) and (temporary and permanent) cookies, cookies authorized by third parties, web beacons and / or other technologies We can use. In order to understand how our website is used, to conduct market analysis and improve quality, the total number of transactions, web pages displayed, reference / exit pages, platform type, date / time information and the number and location of mouse clicks on a particular page, mouse movements, scrolling activities, etc. We can collect, save, process and use various data and information on an anonymous basis, such as the details and search terms you use while browsing and using our website. We can also record non-personal identification information (Non-PII) for behavioral targeting, fraud and abuse cases and forensic investigations. From time to time, we may refer to the services of third parties ("Service Providers") for market analysis and quality improvement studies, or for tracking the details of visitor activities on specific pages. These Service Providers collect, use, monitor, and report on data and other information and statistics, and analyze your online activities on our website. Information about your use of our website (data and your non-PII) can be transmitted to the servers of Service Providers and stored there. Service Providers may also transmit the collected information to third parties if required by law or when third parties process the information on behalf of the Service Provider. Our Service Providers cannot collect any personally identifiable information ("PII"). Your IP address, your browser type, your Internet Service Provider, Your Unique Device Number, Operating System and Latitude / Longitude are not covered by PII.

Cookies are text files that are temporarily or permanently stored on your computer's hard drive. Cookies are used to authenticate, monitor sessions (status maintenance) and to retain certain information such as the preferences of the users of our website or the content of electronic shopping carts. Cookies may be placed on your computer by our trusted third-party advertising companies, as described in this paragraph. The data collected by these cookies are completely anonymous. If you wish, you can purify your computer from all these cookies by searching all the files that contain the word “cookie / cookie” on the hard disk of your computer and then delete them and set your browser options to block (possible) cookies in the future; Please note that if you do so, you may not be able to use all the features of our website. Web beacons, on the other hand, are small sets of software code representing the graphic image request in any web page or e-mail. It may or may not be a visible graphic image associated with the web pointer, and the image is usually designed to override the background of a website or e-mail. Web beacons can be used for many purposes including site traffic reporting, unique visitor numbers, ad control and reporting, and personalization. Our web beacons only collect anonymous data. has implemented appropriate technical and organizational measures designed to protect your personal information from loss and unauthorized access, use, alteration or disclosure of such information for reasons that are not available. However, does not promise that unauthorized third parties cannot exceed the technical measures taken by and that the User information will not be used for improper purposes. Cases that are not considered confidential information by and excluded from the scope of the privacy policy established by these Privacy Terms are as follows:

Information known to prior to registration on this Website and that does not acquire or learn from Users,
Publicly disclosed information when disclosed,
Information to be disclosed in accordance with applicable law, relevant legislation, other legal regulations, court order and / or administrative order.

As may change these Privacy and Security Terms at any time by updating; Users should visit this page periodically to check the current conditions.

I accept, declare and undertake that I allow my personal data to be processed between ACY Turizm A.Ş., group companies and their business partners until otherwise specified by me.

These Privacy Terms are a complete with the Terms of Use and must be interpreted together.

Thank you for your interest and trust in using the Website.